Learning to Listen With More Than My Ears

Learning to Listen was a skill that was emphasized in our martial arts training, and as well as in our personal and professional relationships.  I got very frustrated when I felt like :
  • Here I am again, in the same sort of situation.
  • How did I miss that?
  • Every conversation I have with them is a battle.
  • I heard what they said, but it is obviously not what they meant.
  • ARRRRGGG... everyone should come with a road map.
This 14 page ebook was put together from my old notes, some recent stories and research in the realm of practicing being a better listener and communicator.

In this Ebook I share :

Setting the Stage for a Conversation
Develop an Understanding of the Difficulty to Sharing Your on Thoughts
The 3 Primary Listening Skills
The Golden Rule of Listening to ensure you are not on the wrong path
14 Things that can Interfere with Your Ability to Listen

Also I included a link in this ebook to another PDF essay, of some of the most practical Body Language Readers in the World, Poker Players.  Where they discuss how they learn to read body language.

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I look forward to getting to know more about you.

Sifu TW. Smith

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